Technicians, Not Politicians!  
We ask but they ignore


If you are happy with the cost of living, the cost of energy and fuel, the cost of health care, and the environmental costs from pollution then you must be a politician. If you're not happy then those reasons should be a few of the main reasons why you are here. Please learn more by selecting a subject from the list. And vote for Kevin West to be President in 2016.


Progress or Congress?

America, you have no plan to stop the Politicians from crashing our economic system unless your plan is to let your children pay for it.


American Poverty

It is a fact for over 30 years Congress, the Senate, and past Presidents have all known of free energy and refuse to implement it.

I'm tired of being complacent and it feeling like a slap in the face every time I turn on the TV. America is not interested in the political crap, we just want the job done right the first time. And if you ask nice then you will ask twice. So here we are again asking to stop the war, give us free fuel, give us clean electricity, and to give us life saving technology of the kind that will save the world. Demand Your Freedom America!


We bailed out the Auto Industry, the Airline Industry, the Insurance Industry, the Housing and Banking Industry, and we have been fighting 3 wars for 30 years and now we have nothing left except bills. But Congress let the Technology Industry fail! We depend on technology to outgrow any industry and save the world with its hidden treasures and they let it fail. Thanks Congress!!

The Media refuses to focus on any other subject except what is on the other news channels. We can't get common sense reporting out of many of them. There is no real News anymore, just pretty reporters reading propaganda from a prompter.

A lie for every tax dollar!


The time for change was 30 years ago. It didn't happen. Are you ready to make the change or vote in another liar? Don't expect a Politician to change the situation. But a Technician will change a lot of things. I have told hundreds of Politicians to give us free fuel and free electricity, to implement new health care technology, to stop killing the poor and saving the rich...and they never respond.

Now we live in an economic slave nation with no backup plan.

America, I'm done with the liars in Washington... Please join me in putting a stop to the Politicians by voting for Kevin West for President.

It sickens me to see smart people go bad, bad people get rich, and hard working people get taxed more. I will stop the separation of commonsense and morals. It's not about religion because so many religions are good. It is about education. Education should cost less and be more with a lot more to gain. Technology and Education is going to save us, not politics.

I don't know why every U.S. Veteran doesn't get a free home? We have so many that are empty! It is a disgrace the way the government treats the vets and current military personnel. All while the war mongering politicians get big homes, great retirement, and a pat on the back!! I'm proud that you haven't lost your temper on them yet America.

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